The new Bond Refund Web Service will replace the PDF upload facility for paper refund forms from 1 February 2020.

Tenants and property managers/owners can lodge a bond,request a refund, dispute a proposed refund, or update their details through Web Services.

Paper forms will continue to be accepted via post.

Claim part/all of bond

Property managers/owners who have an eServices account, should login to request a full tenant refund

Please ensure you have read the Submit bond refund online information before submitting a form

Property managers, property owners and tenants who want to request all, or part, of the bond should

Step 1 - Complete latest refund form

  • print and complete the form or complete form electronically and print
  • include rental bond number
  • form must be signed by at least one person named on the bond record

Step 2 - Scan and save

  • scan or take photo of refund form (smartphone or digital camera)
  • save the image file as: jpg, pdf, gif or tiff (maximum 2MB)
  • make sure file is readable

Step 3 - Upload (do not email)

  • If there are 3 or more tenants, please use another refund form. The forms should be scanned and uploaded as a single document.

Warning - it is an offence under Queensland tenancy law to knowingly give false or misleading information to the RTA

* required fields

e.g. 200006 -1

Upload a file (2MB limit)
** File name must only contain numbers and letters (no symbols or special characters).

For more information about online bond lodgements go to

RTA privacy statement